Spectacular geometrical Allandale House by William O’Brien Jr

Cambridge-based architect William O’Brien Jr designed the Allandale House project, a small vacation home mainly intended for families. This ultra-minimalist cabin takes A-frames to the limit. This cabin project based on an extruded A-frame is a unique, striking, modern piece of architecture, manipulating unconventional housing shapes and creating wonderful opportunities for luxury living. Surrounded by a lovely, stunning forest area, the house is offered an alternatively beautiful and traditional dimension. The wide A-frame in the center of the house is dedicated to two floors of bedrooms and bathrooms. The medium A-frame on the eastern side consists of living, kitchen and dining areas.Allandale-House-designrulz-001 Allandale-House-designrulz-003Allandale-House-designrulz-004 Allandale-House-designrulz-15 Allandale-House-designrulz-506 Allandale-House-designrulz-507 Allandale-House-designrulz-508 Allandale-House-designrulz-509 Allandale-House-designrulz-5010 Allandale-House-designrulz-5011 Allandale-House-designrulz-5012 Allandale-House-designrulz-62113 Allandale-House-designrulz-62114


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