X marks the spot | Elenberg Fraser

For us, Mister X speaks to our ideas on the latent desire and embodiment of architecture, particularly architectural practice as a conduit, which brings the city to life through miraculous phenomena, working by night through the office itself. As Mister X designs the city through our studio, Elenberg Fraser’s buildings and inspiration rise to the surface of his skin, permanently branding him.

Unreconstructed comic book readers may remember Mister X, the seminal work of Dean Motter. Well, time to meet him again, as he stars in the latest Elenberg Fraser cinematic photoshoot, set in the new Elenberg Fraser office.

The story of Mister X a tale that might sound familiar to some of you. An architect of the city, he was obsessed with radical theories of “psychetecture”, but his meticulous designs never became reality due to the interventions and shortcut taken by other parties who influence the built environment. Faced with an ever-growing chasm between reality and what could and should have been, Mister X spent his waking hours fixing the city with his light-rope, keeping himself awake by means of the drug “insomnalin” and nourishing himself every few days by eating fifty hotdogs! An architect who never sleeps, who would have thought?













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