10 ideas of bedroom design

1.black and white, textures and surfaces for a perfect ambient | pinterest.com


2. The Swedish tiled stove (Kakelugn) in a great minimal bedroom |pinterest.com

23. Minimal cool, simple is laso relaxing | pinterest.com

6f90b581f24a4dea32bf29130d916ddf4. the importance of light in michael weshler ‘s bedroom | www.archdaily.com


5. a good choise and an inspired combination of texture can make the difference in your bedroom| pinterest.com


6. catchy details wisely chosen make the difference | pinterest.com


7. black and while ellegance for bedrooms to | pinterest.com


8.Lovely colour palette of warm gray with white and accent of wood. |pinterest.com

Photo Credit Source: © Vincent Leroux / tempsmachine, Chalet Beranger / Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance.


9. insert nature inspired elements that enliven your room (paintings, posters, bed boards, etc) |  franciskasvakreverden


10. lovely bedroom idea, the lights , colours and materials combine perfecty |apartment34



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