| demetrio zanetti | vintage designer

“Being a vintage dealer would be a dream come true. The home of vintage dealer Demetrio Zanetti is edited very nicely. I think the down fall of being a dealer would be that I would want to keep everything, you know “hoarders buried alive”. This is where Demetrio does a great job at keeping his interiors minimal and not over crowded,“Some of the finest objects end up in his own apartment”. From the looks of his store  the man knows what he is doing. Make sure to check out his site as well.”  | plastolux.com

Demetrio Zanetti’s style is unique, his work combines shapes , colours and materials in a simple and beautiful way. The retro- vintage accents in his interiors makes him one of our favourite designers. You can take a peeck of other pieces of furniture signed by Demetrio on the online shop of Demosmolilia – www.demosmobilia.ch











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