| Epernay | Joseph Dirand | France

“There is something current to my work or creative projects. I try to create a kind of storyboard, to build a scenario which corresponds to the project I am working on. I start collecting images, things I’ve seen in movies, in magazines, or at the location. I put everything together and the story starts to develop itself.
For example, for the hotel in Mexico I thought about its location in a very urban business district. Everything is fast and noisy and it seems like there is hardly any place to take refuge. But behind all this there is a certain kind of beauty hidden, a kind of beauty that is illustrated in Jacques Tati’s movie Playtime. This movie was a great inspiration to my work at the hotel, though nothing is taken from the movie and duplicated at the hotel. The inspiration comes from the general idea of the movie.” | interview with Joseph Dirand  ||  www.freundevonfreunden.com
Already as a child I got inspired by a lot of things like the Garden of Versailles, Japanese architecture or sculpture by Joseph Beuys. All of these things provoke so much emotion, that they become addicting, like a drug.  | Joseph Dirand

His inspiration is illustrated in his work, The epernay, a wine cellar in France.  || www.josephdirand.com |

epernay01  epernay02  epernay03  epernay04  epernay05  epernay06


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