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Candles and Candle Holders 

Whether you’re a vanilla, spice, or floral kind of person, searching high and low for the perfect candle is nothing to sniff at. A great scent can make all the difference in a home’s atmosphere, so it’s important to think about the kind of vibe you want people to feel. Is your home cozy? Fun? Traditional? Crisp and clean? Pick a candle scent that helps create this feel. Yes, there are some candles that can seem ridiculously expensive — particularly high end brands, like the famous Diptyque candles. You will get what you pay for, and these candles last much longer than the ones you buy at the drug store, and the scents are intense and complex, but subtle. Finding an equally fabulous candleholder is just as much of a challenge. Location is the first thing you’ll want to think about. Do you want a sconce candleholder for your wall? Or maybe a hanging candelabra for your ceiling? Perhaps you were thinking of holders that are a bit easier to rearrange — tea light holders, table centerpieces, or other single candle holders. Deciding where your candle will go and how often you want to move it around will help you make this decision. Material is another important consideration. Are you going for a more natural, or eclectic look? There are tons of great candleholders available in metals, glass, and fireproof woods and plastics. If you’re planning on putting these holders outside, make sure whatever material you use is suited for outdoor use.Of course, if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can buy one of the many beautiful (and great smelling!) candles that come in a tin. Plus, you’ll have a great tin to use once the candle’s all used up. | www.houzz.com

1. Candle holders made of glass are very elegant  and chic

candle 1

refference: decordots.com

2. feronery inspirationcandle-stick

refference: visuell.ro

3. wooden candle holders give a warm look to your home

candle 2

refference: www.restorationhardware.com

4. vintage is always on! sa try some vintage cadle holders for a chic touch

candle 3refference: www.etsy.com

candle4refferences:  pinterest.com



5. colourful candle holders bring contrast with the rest of the decor


refferences: pinterest.com


6. metal candle holders

candle 6

refference: www.madeindesign.co.uk





7. geometric shaped modern candle holders

candle 7

refference: letstay.blogspot.ro





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