| House H | by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects | Matsudo. Chiba. Tokyo




Located in the residential area of Matsudo in the Chiba Prefecture, on the outskirts of Tokyohouse H was originally developed in the 60’s. With its recent redevelopment, it has now become a modern home for a couple and a small child, designed with imagination, practicality, thought and style. What may seem strikingly simple and stark is upon inspection, a really intriguing showcase in thoughtful design. This home has been creatively reinterpreted, based on this family’s needs and desires to create the perfect space in which they can live and blossom everyday for years to come.

Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects – Hiroyuki Shinozaki and Sota Matsuura – have created a house that encapsulates a young family’s vision for both their present and their future. With its simple and perfect design, the building provides a subtle and comforting atmosphere. Clean not sterile, calm not cold, this home is a breath of fresh air, designed to be a living symbol of a family’s life by utilizing its large roof and structure where shape, symmetry and quality materials take centre stage.

The house’s structure, by the Tatsumi Terado Structural Studio, is the key to its magic and is central to the tranquil design where the bold plan and the abundance of light provide for a subtle platform in which a family can enjoy the true act of living. From the outside, the use of simple quality materials and clean lines is evident in the all white exterior. But inside, what really sets this house apart, is the fact that it is actually one space, albeit smartly divided, under an incredible huge roof. The pared back design of pine on white showcases the building’s structure, which is further enhanced with features such asY-shaped supportive structures made of bonded wood that resemble bunches of traditional wooden attic beams.









The key in this design that unfolds, upon inspection, into something pretty marvelous is in the modern and fresh details. In this case, imagination and consideration have been applied in equal measure to ensure that this space is all about the family that inhabits it. Examples include the aforementioned Y-shaped beams from which the family can hang pictures and mark their child’s growth on its structure, adding a personal kind of magic. This home is surprisingly functional too. The six floorboards and their positioning within the structure can be altered leading to a continuous change in light and space depending on the family’s mood.

Pared back, functional and high performing; this is a home that is pure, unadulterated beauty that resembles a supermodel’s face before makeup, revealing the person and potential. It’s more than aesthetic glamour, it’s real and totally capable of providing a stunning environment in which a family can enjoy their lives. If only every home was designed with such creativity and care.








refference: www.yatzer.com




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