Bus Stop Symbiosis is a new urban event: this friendly and colorful temporary installation appears next to a bus stop creating a symbiotic relationship, beneficial to both structures. This parasitic urban furniture not only increases sitting space, but also serves to entertain those waiting for the bus or just passing by.

Using the dichotomy between old and new, the proposal is a plug-in design element for the historic center, claiming it clearly as part of the contemporary city in constant reformulation.  More than a mere extension, the inclusion of a new element celebrates the preexisting structure, enhancing the overall appearance.  In a light and playful tone, Bus Stop Symbiosis emphasizes the revitalization and reinvention of the historic city center. It is a fresh new approach to street furniture where design has an interventional or even provocative character.

bus stop






Technical Data:

 Location: Lóios Square, Oporto, Portugal

Client: ADDICT – Agency for Development of Creative Industries

Date: May 2012

 Type: Competition 1st prize

 Materials: 93 red “Valchromat ®” panels (16mm) /stainless steel tube

 Photography: Dinis Sottomayor ©

refference:  likearchitects.com

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