| keyhole house | by eastern design office |


Japanese architects EASTERN Design Office tend to design houses with unconventional windows. Here’s their latest one in Kyoto.

The L-shaped glazing that punctures the facade of the residence creates an illuminated frame around the entrance.

Sumi ink stains the rendered exterior of the house, creating a dark outline around the front elevation.

This ink colours the entire exposed side wall, which features a series of square windows at staggered heights.

Aspects of the building are highlighted in red and pink, including the front door and a thin exterior canopy.

A ledge below the first floor ceiling inside makes a perfect route for the client’s cats.







The site is in Kyoto, Japan. It is a small house for four people and two cats. It has only 100 square meters of floor space. It is standing alone in the corner of a small parking lot like a table left behind at the seaside.

  • The façade is marked by a window shaped like a key.
  • Mortar with sumi ink is applied to the exterior wall.
  • Simple color coding. Red and purple are used as an accent.
  • The triangle roof.
  • Random arrangement of small windows.
  • The edge to make the shape of this house clearer.

There is a thin steel eave which is fixed to the façade of this house as if it is floating, and a key-shaped slit like a “picture”, crossing over the eave. A red wine-colored door. These are laid out like a beautiful pattern designed on a jewel box.









Data: Keyhole House
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Architect: EASTERN design office
Site Area: 90.81㎡
Total Floor Area: 103.47㎡
Structural Engineering: EASTERN design office
Contractor: arcc

refference: www.dezeen.com


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