| 21 balançoires | by daily tous les jours | for empathiCITY exhibition |


’21 balançoires’ is a giant collective instrument.
The public installation, produced for the quartier des spectacles in the center of montreal, canada, is composed of 21 swings, which each individually trigger a selection of different musical notes. however, when they are used together,
melodies begin to emerge as a result of people’s cooperation with one another. Developed by montreal collective daily tous les jours, the project explores notions of collaboration and the positive outcomes which can be a result of working together.

The work is included in the ’empathiCITY, making our city together’ exhibition at the 2013 biennale internationale design saint-etienne. Curated by josyane france and laetitia wolff, the show investigates the biennale’s theme of ’empathy’ through the residents of different municipalities  that are part of UNESCO‘s creative cities network which include: beijing, berlin, buenos aires, graz, kobe, montreal, nagoya, saint-etienne, seoul, shanghai, and shenzhen; articulated through a series of urban interventions which turn the streets into a domain for democratic expression.










all images by olivier blouin


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