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Modern hammocks are very elegant with their different models and designs. Nowadays hammocks are designed as the whole family can use them. The firts thing to be done is to prefer both modern and comfortable hammocks.
Here are great hammock models for garden decoration!

1. Hanging Cocoon Hammock – Finally get some peace and quiet in your own personal fortress of solitude.




source: shutupandtakemymoney.com


2. Equillibrum and rellaxation- what more can you dream from a hammock!

This hammock stand will last for a very long time if left outdoors, but it can also be easily disassembled and put away in the winter if you would rather not leave it out.

Woman on hammock

source : www.bs757.com

3. You can also choose a fancy hammock for rellaxing afternoon, and you can share it with your loved one.

Glamour-Sitting-Hammocksource : fancyhomedesign.net

4. Dream hammocks, for  quiet moments



source : thechive.com

5. Hammock above water, a fantastic effect, you will love this idea! I know we do.



source:  thechive.com

6. Hammock nest, ideal for hanging out with friends or family


source: www.womenpage.org

7. Surf Hammock – a sculptural work of art and design.  Designed by Kris Van Puyvelde, the SURF is the new luxurious hammock based on the specific WAVE hammock from Royal Botania in 2008. This alluring chair is combination of functionality, beauty and elegance.




source : www.extravaganzi.com

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