| Spanish designers Manolito&Manolita | modern furniture design


tree branches found or purchased from certified providers, iron wire cables, inox components and glass top.
A fallen branch in the forest is poetry but three branches freestanding is structural geometry. A Buckminster Fuller’s student invented this tensegrity structural system, a net of continuous tension where the isolated components in compression they do not touch each other and the pre-stressed tendons delineate the system spatially.
Manolito & Manolita
Gaufrette au Barcelone
Manolito & Manolita
reused wood panels, polished iron fronts, chromed & rubber wheels
Gaufrette au Barcelone’ coffee tables are made by discarded material, in order to highlight the ephemeral and unsustainable use of mass-produced material in our environments. Each unique table is an assemble of perfectly restored wood panels, picked from a specific Barcelona household each time. Enjoy this giant ‘gaufrette au chocolat Barcelone’!
Gaufrette au Barcelone
Gaufrette au Barcelone
Gaufrette au Barcelone
Gaufrette au Barcelone
refference & photography : tc-interiors.es

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