| unique ideas of flower pots |

1. Geometric faced pots 

Ramón Esteve have devised a FAZ design for the Spanish manufacturers VONDOM, FAZ is a modularcollection of outdoor furniture and flower pots. Ramón Esteve, architect of harmony, tranquility, immortality and universality has created a mineral and expressive forms that make the FAZ contextualizes the design and installation house. VONDOM created a collection of three different proportions of flower pots forming units. The atmosphere created here is a happy result of a combination of materials and elements of light.




refference : www.archimodes.com

2. Spotted over at Pot-ted, we completely fell in love with this awesome DIY idea that turns cinder blocks into a spectacular wall for succulents (we admit the puppy did us in too). To make the wall, Pot-ted designer, Annette, took a set of 12″ cinder blocks, arranged them to her liking and then set them using Liquid nails as fasteners. To make the protruding block planters, she simply cut pieces of cinder and laid them in the openings of each block, again securing them with Liquid nails. The amazing wall takes on a modular architectural appeal, and as an added bonus, can easily be painted or adorned with moss to fit amicably with any backyard decor.


3. The Cacoon pot 

You can do what Mans Salomonsen does by being a priest for the marriage nuptial of fruit storage and a plant pot. The result is really amazing. Solomonsen names it Cocoon. It is such a place where you can store your fruits and vegetables there. Above the storage, you can plant herbs for cooking other tiny plants for decoration.

This idea is innovative and genuine. That is the creativity from modern home design concept. You just not only have a decoration benefit but also a function one. Any fruits and vegetables you want to store there, this storage can cover those. If you do not like chill fruits much, you can store the fruits there before you eat those.

The material used to make the storage is clay. That is great for absorbing the water from your tiny project of agriculture in the pot. In the time when the water evaporates, the storage is quite cooled. That makes the fruits cool automatically. You do not even need electricity for it. It means that your bill of electricity will not be fantastic. You must agree if it is said that this idea is perfectly brilliant. You never think before that you can take a benefit from evaporated water, right? With this storage from Salomensen, your paradigm of modern beautification changes now if you are a part of people who think that modern decoration is not useful at all. The function of it is just for decorating. The shape is unique but there is nothing to use there. That is absolutely wrong.


refference: www.interiorfans.com

4. Stylish Eden Flower Pot Pendant Lamp by Enzo Berti for Torremato

The combination between lighting and cultivation of flowers in one design is so interesting. This creative idea comes from Italian designer Enzo Berti that has designed the stylish lamp for Torremato. Called Eden Flower Pot Pendant Lamp, it is pendant lamp that has combined two household essentials lighting, and plant life. It is really good combination between nature and technology.

The Eden Flower Pot Pendant Lamp has a stylish design. It incorporates two vessels, to glow and to grow. This stylish lamp is equipped with LED for its technologic characteristics of cold light which doesn’t disturb vegetation and also uses less energy. A bright light is emitted in a double beam, one pointing upward and one downward. Collection of painted metal lamps consists of the insertion of two containers that have a double role, container for illuminating mechanism and container for flowers pots. The LED rope light is available in several colors. This stylish pendant lamp is a pretty and practical addition above the kitchen table or along the island. Thanks of the use of LEDs that comes in green twofold.  They are not harmful to plants, and they use less energy to do the same job.



refference : www.modresdes.com/

5. The screenpot

From Francois Clerc, a restyling of the classic flower pot with grates for climbing plants. “Thanks to the use of steel and laser cutting, this design has a graphic effect inspired by natural forms.”


refference : mocoloco.com

6.  Amazing Recycled Glass Terrariums

This is a product that the flower lovers will adore. The Recycled Glass Terrarium comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large, depending on what plants you want to put in. this flower pot is unique not only by the ingenious design idea, but also by the fact that is manually crated and no piece will look like another.

The Recycled Glass Terrarium, as it name says, is made from recycled glass, which makes it also an eco product. The old glass is melted, then, crafters make a glass bubble which is flattened and curved, giving the pot’s shape. After that, the upper part is cut and polished. This way every terrarium is inimitable and has its own personality.

The idea of this flower pot is genius, not only because it has great design, but also thanks to the feeling that it gives you. You will feel you have inside your house a mini vegetal reservation, protected by the outside medium. Inside the protectable bowl, your plants will grow happy and strong. The greatest part is that you can grow inside your paradise bowl more species, such as fern, cactus or anything you think it fits it.

The globe is like a mini untouched world, full of life and purity. It will be your little piece of heaven and you will watch with joy and wonder how the plants grow inside your terrarium. You’ll have the world in a glass bowl, like the antique saw the world in a grain of dew.


refference : www.homedit.com

7. Wooden pots for yout garden by Rezo design

As the world is struck by global warming people starting to plant and they plant more in order to reduce the heat wave. Keeping the earth cooler becoming each and everyone’s individual responsibility as we all both depending on the survival of the earth. The Chapütschin and Gion designed by Rezo design maybe one alternate way for us to keep planting and keeping stylish.

The pot design is made from wood which makes them perfect not only to decorate your patio but also to use as indoor planters. We really don’t know how they did the sub irrigation system for this wooden planter but we might guess that it’s done manually by looking at the design. So if you like Rezo Design orders them from Pour les Alpes. See also our previous post on aluminium planters from Pad Outdoor.






refference : www.modresdes.com
8. Light – pot 
Indoor flowerpots have always been a nice décor for modern residential as well as commercial apartments. Enhancing the functionality and natural look of a conventional flowerpot, designers Kfir Schwalb and Orit Magia have tossed up an innovative pot that promises to illuminate your living place. Hailed as “Lightpot,” the latest design by the Studio Shulab is essentially a small pot for growing plants and herbs indoors, which doubles as a collapsible table lamp to glow your place during nights. The Lightpot makes use of LED lighting that gives the flowerpot an altogether different look. Available in white and a dark shade of brown, the Lightpot can be placed in any light condition.
lightpot-2_UD5g3_58 lightpot_429D4_58
refference : www.designbuzz.com

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