| Ergonomic design in loft concept | Malmesbury | Westport Studio |

Malmesbury is a hilltop market town that was established in 880 AD and it’s found in the UK. It’s a very beautiful town with old buildings and charming structures. Among those there is one that caught our attention. It’s this property that dates back to 1850. Here we found this lovely apartment with a surface of 775 square feet and a very beautiful interior design.




Of course, not everything is new and modern. The stone walls and the beamed ceilings still allows us to envision how this place might have looked like in its original state. The stone walls have been painted white in order to keep up with the modern décor and to provide a nice background for all the other beautiful features.





The rooms are quite small but this only makes them cozy and welcoming. The exposed beams on the white ceilings further emphasize this feeling. The furniture is simple and has modern characteristics. I particularly like the small dining area with that round area rug that complements the classical black chairs so beautifully and emphasized their elegant silhouette.



You can also see that the space has been creatively used. Take a look, for example, at this series of wooden shelves that go all the way up and become smaller and smaller as they follow the shape of the ceiling. The kitchen has a creative design as well. It’s very simple and mostly suitable for someone who prefers eating out rather than spending much time here. Still, it’s equipped with all the necessary appliances.









refference: www.homedit.com


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