| Private house in Urgnano (BG) | by Matteo Casari Architetti

The house is built on a small lot within a residential area of expansion in the territory of Urgnano (BG). The project site conditions are interpreted to generate dissonance and denying direct view to the outside. In a context of typological and stylistic multitude, the volume of a rectangular oriented parallel to Via Basella, reduces to a few gestures the mute relationship with the outside.

The anthracite concrete box, raised a meter and a half off the ground, only allows one entering: the entrance, backed also by a slight bending of the glass wall that divides the porch.

Outside what is not concrete is glass, which is delegated to the diaphragm, not only between inside and outside, but also between the two different interiors of the house and the porch.

The bounding rectangle base is juxtaposed to the extent of the pool, the only element not contained in the box.











refference :www.archello.com


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