| Jussieu campus | PÉRIPHÉRIQUES ARCHITECTES | Paris


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Jussieu Campus consists out of a regular grid of 6-floor wings and is generally decried as an architectural failure. The hollow space under the buildings enables wind to build up its force, the regular grid plan is confusing and polluted with asbestos. It has increasingly degraded, leaving its facade covered in graffiti. The new 16M building extends and completes the grid plan that architect Edouard Albert designed in the 60s; based on the existing system, but at the same time deforms it: where Albert laid out a single patio, Périphériques planned two. The façades are glazed on the same pattern as Albert’s existing building. But the glass metal skin composed of ten types of panels perforated with circular holes of different sizes give the façades complex and variable depth. At ground floor, the existing slab on which the university buildings are built folds up in an origami-like orange ramp to even up the levels in a fluid movement.





entretien chaillot - 154_900x


refference:  www.mimoa.eu


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