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Irina Neacșu  is an architect and designer, she  created thecraftLAB for the sake of fantasy and creativity.




She  graduated in Architecture from University of Bucharest, she did a post graduate course at Rome University of  Fine Arts. Now she is located in Bucharest and she works for clients all over the world,  dealing with furniture restoration and reinterpretation.

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thecraftLAB has been exhibited in international shows and showrooms in Milan, Koln, New York, and the portfolio of projects consists in both restoration and brand new furniture, that is converted in unique hand made design objects. All projects signed by Irina Neacsu are playful, colored and vibrant, they talk about individuality and craft inspired from traditions. “Old stories in new words” is how Irina describes her  work, both when it comes to complex collections of products or private requests from clients or galleries.

him v5 copy copy.jpg_51de5f73266d1

Thecraft Design Lab was  the Romanian brand invited to attend the Florence Design Week 2013. The event was dedicated to young designers and projects that use recycled materials or support an environmentally friendly attitude in design.

„Life of a Dream – a chair fantasy ” is the project prepared for Florence Design Week 2013, aims to tell the story of forgotten dreams and abandoned identities, in a changing post communistic reality of Romania. Mixing traditions, memories, nostalgia and hope, is the Life of a Dream that dares not to leave us, but to come true.

refference: romanianyoungdesign



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