| Memory | by Boris Klimek | contemporary collection of balloon lights |




Ballons floating below your ceiling during the day, interesting ambiance lighting by night – this is how the Memory collection can be described at first sight. This contemporary light collection employes the principles of playful design – childhood memories seen through the eyes of an adult were captured in a colorful display of functional objects.

Both ceiling and wall lights are part of the modern balloon lights collection, making the experience complete. Designed by Boris Klimek for Brokis, the opal glass lights have hanging cords that you pull to turn the lights on and off, at the same time enhancing for a moment the feeling of holding a balloon in the air. Available in three sizes and a wide range of colors, the collection invites to creativity and playful arrangement of balloon light throughout the room.


Memory_Balloon_Light_Boris_Klimek_CubeMe1 (1)







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