| A & G apartment| by Decorate-it | Bucharest |

554513_481446571917375_1408445206_nA house can illustrate the goodwill of everyone and can talk about our personality. Here comes decorate-it. The young designer tries to understand the client’s tastes and needs and tries to capitalize their potential in every piece of furniture designed just for them. The colours speak about how young is your heart, decorate-it will warm rooms with warm light and fabrics that  invite to rest and relaxation. 67463_481446628584036_246859043_n


The client’s first wish was that all the chromatics will be based on a black and white game, giving the interior a unique elegance.

The ground floor is organized as an open space and includes the living-room, the dining-room and the kitchen. The attention is captured by the seductive game of contrasts from mixing  beech floor ,elegant wallpaper print on the walls and glossy MDF furniture.




The whole house is controlled by an intelligent home system, which can be controlled from the iphone / ipad such as air conditioning, artificial lighting, natural light (by automating the curtains and blinds) and other interesting devices.



The staircase has an interesting approach and creates a vertical effect. The ceiling lamp chosen has a modern, yet subtle design by choosing these tear -drop shape light bulbs. The lighting effect is stunning.


The master bedroom is located upstairs, where the designer has chosen to create a warm and soothing atmosphere. The main piece in the bedroom is the king sized bed. The warm colours used here, combined with white furniture create a relaxing scene, where details give a touch of elegance.





The large bathroom on this level has resulted by merging with a storage room. The bathroom is divided by a glass panel that was sandblasted with the same pattern as the wallpaper on the staircase.






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