| the ultimate coffe mugs | 10 amazing ideas |

We really enjoy dringing coffee, and if the mug is interesting and has a unique design, it’s pure pleasure.

1. The Skase [ via Steve Watson ]

Another great idea of symbiosis. The mug created from white glazed creamware and the saucer of unusual form made from wood. Simple and elegant set for modern life.




source : www.beautifullife.info

2. Cupple Coffee Mug & Holder [ via Generate ]

Designer of this cup thought about not only its appearence but also about its storage. Then it isn’t using the mug’s handle fits snugly into the base or the rubber wall mounted holder. Stylish and smart solution.




source : www.beautifullife.info

3. One week coffee cup [ via IOHANNA PANI ]

Unusual relief inside the cup will make classic cup unique.

18source : www.beautifullife.info.

4. Creative Creature Cups

Today we want to show you a great idea for the gift. Some are friendly and furry, and others look poised to snap you with claws or wrap you with tentacles – you never know what you will find at the bottom of these coffee (or tea) mugs. The exterior of each one is conspicuously identical and unassuming, so for guests come to visit for the first time, the shock will definitely catch them off guard – for those in the know, though, they will still always get a little surprise with their final sips. Take a look!



general (1)


source: www.beautifullife.info

5. Magic Floating Mug by Tigere Chiriga

Let us show you some magic – the floating mug designed by Tigere Chiriga. The handle is designed to hold the cup up off the ground and appear to be levitating. Chiriga was inspired by hanging fruit baskets. It’s currently being funded on Kickstarter, which is the only way you can buy one for the time being. Support it here. Also don’t forget to check collection of creative and original mugs here.




6. Creative Ceramic “Treasure Mug”

Use this mug to fool your friends. Even if it’s not All Fools day. Since this creative ceramic coffee mug looks like it actually sunk into table. Called “Treasure Mug” it costs $15 and available in two colors: white and brown. Despite its strange look this mug is fully functional. If you want to buy it you can do it here.

01 (1)

04 (1)

general (2)


7. Mood Mugs – Show Your Coffee Mood

We’ll take a little cream and sugar with our foul mood this morning, or perhaps go with black coffee as we seem a bit chipper. These coffee mugs aim to show the mood you’re in and you can pick from the following double wall insulated coffee mugs:

  • Happy as Larry
  • Monstrously Moody
  • Seriously Sleepy

We’re thinking Happy as Larry is going to fit most days, and there’s always Seriously Sleepy for those long afternoons of much needed single serve coffee.



via : www.singleservecoffee.com

8. Smilecup of Coffee

Want to cheer yourself up in the morning. Then start your day with coffee served in this cheerful cup. Set is fully consistent with its name – Smilecap. Colors in this set will only paint your joy. This joyful set was created Ukrainian studio Psyho and is now available for sale. Also don’t forget to check our ultimate collcetion of creative mugs. If you want to have such perfect smile check Cosmetic Dentist DC.


general (3)via : www.beautifullife.info

9. Coffee with a cookie

Another nice mug idea, where you can have a cookie next to your morning coffee thanks to this ingenious design.

mug-pocketvia : www.sadanduseless.com

10. Ctrl – Alt – Del Cup Set

Nowadays computers occupy one of the main parts of our lives … we can’t imagine our lives without them and here is a fantastic set that will perfectly compliment computers and their fans.

Do you remember the times when computers were slow and you refreshed it fully with the troika of buttons “Ctrl – Alt – Del?” Those were the times. If you are nostalgic, here is an opportunity to enjoy these buttons once again in the following cup set.

Now you can have the best coffee-break ever while buying a coffee-cup set made to look like the abovementioned keys. This set of plastic cups look like giant black Ctrl, Alt, and Del keys. Three finger salute to coffee breaks!




via : artstyleonline.com






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