| Single-family house interior design, Warsaw | Tamizo Architects | Mateusz Kuo Stolarski |


Tamizo Architects is a group that focuses on architectural concepts and works, but also on design, applied graphics and industrial design. They own a history of ambitious and complex projects in architecture (ex: CZ House), combining simplicity and functionality to obtain a unique result. As you will see in the interior design project that we will present, Tamizo Architects stand for Mies van der Rohe’s philosophy that ” less is more”. The team has participated in many architectural competitions, workshops and have performed practice sessions in Poland.

The single- family house interior desing in Warsaw is an elloquent example of the pure, yet ellegant style of  Mateusz Kuo Stolarski. The architects choose the combination of black and white to underline the geometry of the interiors. Also, the constrast is used in details such as furniture, wall decorations and light fixtures.




The living room has a two-sided wide view, the large windows permitting natural light to flood the whole room. The colors chosen for the living room are white and neutral tones such as beige and grey. The visual effect is to widen the space. The modern sofa and the nonconformist armchairs are chosen in light tones, to contrast the black tea tables and the dark dinning area. A slot coted in black in one of the walls is occupied by the fireplace, which creates a horizontal effect. The fireplace completes the visual puzzle of the room.




The kitchen is also a combination of black and white elements, the simplicity and neatness of the space is absolutely amazing. The materials chosen create a contrasting effect, mate surfaces and shiny ones contribue to the refined image of the kitchen and the dinning room.






projektowanie-wnetrz-warszawa-dom-jednorodzinny-biel-minimal-18 (1)


The bedroom design is predominant of straight, simple lines, but this plain architectural language doesn’t translate itself as poor. The led light is subtle and the bed’s board is continued ingeniously with the desk’s volume.

projektowanie-wnetrz-warszawa-dom-jednorodzinny-biel-minimal-19 (1)


Finally, the bathroom is an example of elegance and style. The white marble with silver iridescents, the white bathtub and sink volume which are made of composite material, all are in perfect harmony with the dark details in the room.

projektowanie-wnetrz-warszawa-dom-jednorodzinny-biel-minimal-20 (1)

projektowanie-wnetrz-warszawa-dom-jednorodzinny-biel-minimal-21 (1)

projektowanie-wnetrz-warszawa-dom-jednorodzinny-biel-minimal-22 (1)

projektowanie-wnetrz-warszawa-dom-jednorodzinny-biel-minimal-23 (1)


photo refferences: tamizo.com


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