| Kids furniture | modern desing and inspiration |

Design has developed a great progress in the last years, and designers have innovated many fields, an interesting approach is represented by the innovation in designing furniture for children. Many professionals from architects, designers to sociologists and specialists in children behaviour are working together to create the most beautiful and comfortable furniture items for the little ones.




1.amardillo furniture for children by ola giertz : olagiertz.se

A prety interesting examples is amardillo furniture for children made by Ola Giertz. This item can be locked in several different positions. The inspiration of the furniture was a small animal, named Amardillo, known for it’s leathery armor shell. Just like the little animal protects itself from the surroundings, amardillo furniture can be folded out to protect the child, permitting him at the same time to have his own space. Because its ability to reduce in volume, it can be easily folded and save some space. The materials used are beech and walnut veener, and the design is created to ensure its flexibility and comfort.


2. Cool play -in cube : kidsroom.dk

Another nice idea is the cube shaped playground for kids. It’s also an easy Do it yourself item. A light cube made of  boards or any kind of material with round holes in it. Kids love it because they can play hide-and-seek or can create their little world.


3. Ergonomic high-chair with ecological materials. Designed to give a comfortable seat for the baby. Ovo chair by Micuna : www.furniturefashion.com

Ovo chair designed by Micuna is a modern definition of the classic baby chair. The designers from Micuna have created a top chair using ecological materials and ensureing a high standard of comfortability.


4. The Shell Crib : www.1stdibs.com

The Shell Crib is a unique item and its unconventional look is inspired by nature, by the geometry of shells. Wood, the material used for the crib, confers warmth and is an easy material to work with for its elastic properties.


5. House bed by Mommo Design : mommo-design.blogspot.it

The House bed by Mommo Design is a cute bed idea. The designers from Mommo wanted to create a cosy little bed where every child can imagine his own universe. It’s a versatile item, because you can choose which material and color you desire.


6. mostros kids furniture by oscar nunez : mocoloco.com

“Mostros {monsters} collection is born from the idea that you can impart into a piece of furniture, aimed at children, a personality that can generate a playful relationship between user and object.” says Nuñez.

This last item is a funny reinterpretation of the classic chest or night stand, it’s form and color making it very popular among the little customers.


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